Nagesh Sharma – Learner & Facilitator ♛ Professional Scrum Trainer ⇨ Let’s Connect!


If you love talking about Teams, Agile, Scrum, Scaling Agile, Distributed Agile and improvement mindset then you’ll feel right at home here.

What you will get here is not all answers to your questions, however what you can expect is more quality questions. Successful people do not have all the answers, they have more questions!

My mission drives me towards increasing the joy and accomplishment people feel in their work by practicing agile way of working. My Agile knowledge, along with my coaching and training abilities, offers me the perspective needed to guide teams and agile leaders to harness Agile as the competitive advantage. Trained more than 1000 people (Scrum Master, Product Owners, Development team and executive Leadership) on Agile, Scrum and SAFe. Speaker and advocate of agile, scaling and lean approaches. Active speaker @ various Agile conferences like Scrum Bangalore, Scrum Gurgaon, India Agile Week, DevOnSummit Netherlands.

I love making new professional acquaintances, reach out if you want to talk Agile Coaching, Scrum, Agile Transformations and creative techniques that foster team collaboration in an agile environment.

I welcome all calls & emails, you can reach me at:

✆: +919008519700

✉ : just4nagesh@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you…


“Live with Passion”

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