Sprint Retrospective with Celebration Grids

“At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly”. Looks familiar, yes this is the 12th principle of “The Manifesto for Agile Software Development”.

Sprint Retrospectives are my all-time favorite among the other events of the Scrum Framework. And I am quite experimental with facilitation of the retrospectives for the teams I coach. Recently I learnt a very interesting technique called “Celebration Gridsone of the Management 3.0 practices created by Jurgen Appelo which emphasize on Learning, not success vs failure which compliments the purpose of Sprint retrospective- relentless improvement.

CelebrationGrid1 CelebrationGrid2

So, in the next possible opportunity I introduced one of the teams to this awesome celebration grid and facilitated the session. Team members started putting their thoughts on the sticky notes and posted on the respective sections (Mistakes, Practices and experiments) against failures and success axes. As a facilitator I had to ask some open ended questions to the teams like:-

  • What did we do well? (by following best practices)
  • What did we learn? (by running experiments)

As the session progressed, I could notice a persistent smile on the faces of team members 🙂

We all like celebrating success, however some-times we forget that we learn a lot from our failures and hence it is very vital to celebrate our learnings and experiments.

We concluded the session by creating an experimentation backlog aka improvement/learning backlog.

I must say that Celebration Grids is a very simple and creative way of celebrating your learnings. I hope you learned something today, please share it.

Looking forward to hear from you, Happy Learning !

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