Happiness Metric with Happiness Door

As an Agile coach and Trainer I had many opportunities to Train Organizations and teams on Agile, Scrum and Scaling Agile practices. Typically I used to collect the training/workshop feedback on a feedback template or in a verbal manner, however there were few challenges with such approach:

  • Participants gave repetitive feedback: “Everything is covered by the other people”
  • Only few participated in giving feedback
  • Very few constructive feedback
  • Too many verbal feedback post training often got missed from my mind
  • Post sessions participants were often in hurry rushing back to their homes

As they say in the middle of challenges lies opportunity, and I came across “Happiness Doorone of the Management 3.0 practices created by Jurgen Appelo., The Happiness Door is a mix of an agile practice called the Feedback Wall and the Happiness Index (In simple words:The higher up participants position the sticky, the more happier they were in the sessions).I got inspired by the cute but simple mechanism, started with having it as is and started adding variations to it like (Using scale of 1-5 with Similes, splitting the scale further and expanding happiness metric to 1-10, sometimes having Tops and Tips, but one thing was common that I always used the Happiness door as the exit door of the training room).

happiness doorIMG_20150624_175839HappinessDoor

What has changed? Participants started giving more valuable feedback on which I could start working on. Participants were willing to write at least one sticky note; every time they were passing the exit door the “happiness door” was smiling at them waiting for the feedback.

Having a visual happiness metric gives a great feeling, I could instantly inspect the way sessions are progressing. During the training whenever we used to break I spent couple of minutes to have a glance at the feedback, this helped me to quickly adapt my training improvements.

To summarize idea of having a “Happiness door” helped me a lot in my training sessions and I will be creating more happiness doors in all my future training’s.

“Lets create the Honest Feedback door of Happiness:)”


One thought on “Happiness Metric with Happiness Door

  1. Hi Nagesh,

    Nice…I am using in my daily standup to close the daily standup with similar approach “Happiness Score/Morale Check” on a scale of 1-5.

    This has worked for me in the past and can identify the team issues.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Warm Regards,

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